Social Programme

Conference dinner

The “conference dinner” is much more than a dinner. The evening will also feature a pub quiz on popular culture, critical theory, and other things that may excite a bunch of geeks like us. Jennifer, Stuart and Andreas from ICS are organising this. This will take place in a laid back environment where we may also have a little party if that turns out to happen. Prices are reasonable, with costing around £10. Music, Quiz, Food, and Drinks; there’s no reason not to join in.

The Faversham - March 2014The Faversham - March 2014

Day Out in the Yorkshire Dales

The “trip to the dales” is a little treat. Leeds is so close to the magnificent Yorkshire Dales that we’d like to share this with you. It would just be a pity if this remains just a place on the map for many of you. We will charter a coach and make sure we’ll have a great day out in the countryside. This is organised by Christina and Carolyn and will happen on the day after the conference i.e. Wednesday 25 June. This way, we have some time to breathe and also to have proper conversations with each other. Calling it a networking trip does not do justice to what this day is about, but we had to give it a name nonetheless.


Hereby, we hope that you have a better idea of the “social programme” of the conference, and we hope you’ll join us throughout these activities! So don’t forget to let us know if you are interested when you register for the conference (deadline 8 May).